Shipwreck & reef – Certified divers

$2,000.00 5 hours

The price of $115 USD — $2000MXN includes: 2 tanks, full scuba gear & wet suit, dock fees, guide – max 4 divers – and bottle of water with a cereal bar.



Join us for an exciting diving adventure in Cancun, where you’ll explore two amazing shipwrecks, C-55 and C-58. We’ll decide which one to visit on the day of the dive. These shipwrecks are leftovers from World War II and used to be part of the US Navy. Now, they’re lively homes for many sea creatures.

As you dive down to the shipwrecks, you’ll see big groups of fish and sometimes eagle rays. The shipwrecks are now important parts of the underwater world, attracting lots of different species. After that, we’ll take you to the Punta Cancun reef, a beautiful underwater area. This dive is good for all levels of divers. Whether you’re new to diving or an experienced diver looking for excitement, this dive will be an amazing experience in Cancun’s underwater wonders.


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